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A new poem

The long awaited


I know some of you have been waiting for me to post Ch 3. Well, I am working on it and it is almost completed. There are some of you who won't like this chapter but that is ok. You can skip it if you get to something you don't like and just wait for Ch 4...lol.


silently I am waiting
for what I cannot say
for I must keep it secret until the day
when it is to be revealed
and I am to rest

for I have grown weary
yet the road still stretches out before me
there are paths I've still to tread
many steps left to be taken until I can understand the dead
and why they call out to me

Where I am to go

so I take my first steps of morning
waiting for the sun to glow.
1) 10 years ago what did you think you would be doing now?
- Have my first book written and published and be writing more.

2) Where do you think you will be in 5 years from now?
- wherever the wind and time happens to take me

3) Do you live life one day at a time or look to the future.
- i tend to do a bit of both, actually.

4) Do you wish you could go back in time and undo something in your life?
- There are only a few but without those thing I wouldn't be who I am, so things turned out ok.

5) If you could send a message back in time and give a younger version of yourself some advice, what would it be?
- Accept. Love. Be yourself.



All of you know I make quilts. I have logged thousands of miles of thread and hundreds of yards of fabric on my machine. Most of the quilts I make, I make for gifts for other people. Normally for birthdays or Yule or something along those lines. However, there have been 2 that I have made and one that I am working on that are more than that. One of the two previous ones I made was done for a friend, to let her know that there are so many people that think about and love her. The other previously made one was sent to a friend who had been shot and faced (and still does face) an incredible amount of work for recovery. The one I am making now is for another friend who is getting ready to face something difficult.

To me, these quilts are not just about fabric and thread. I think a lot about each person as I choose the fabric, the thread, the yarn I will use to tie them. I think about each person as my machine hums along, taking pieces of fabric that represent nothing in particular and making them into something useful. I embed in the stitches a part of myself that wishes nothing but the very best for the person. Sometimes, I even leave my tears on the fabric (though they dry and none can see them). To me, the simple squares that make up the quilt are not simply squares, they are my hopes for the person, my desire that things in the person's life get better/turn out better than is expected. Then, I package the quilts up and ship them to the person they are intended for.

When the person receives it, I hope they know that it is not just something to keep them warm or to cuddle with when things look bleak. I hope they know that when they use the quilt I have sent, they are receiving a hug from me. They are receiving Love, Hope, and Friendship.



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